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Greensleeves licenses proprietary geothermal system design software, provides feasibility studies and engineering services, and sells three classes of standard products that help building owners and engineers design HVAC solutions that operate with energy that is cleaner, greener, and leaner than any other energy source available.

Click on the MultiGEO tab above (or go to the Products page) to learn more about Greensleeves' Standard Products.  These products provide solutions for existing geothermal installations and new designs.

Click on the MultiGEO Designer (ENtellect) tab above (or go to the Products page) to purchase an MultiGEO Designer (ENtellect) license to access Greensleeves' proprietary geothermal system design software. It is inexpensive, easy to use, fast, and saves thousands of dollars in engineering time.  If you would prefer to have a Greensleeves' expert design a solution for a new or existing geothermal design, please use the Contact Us information.

Click on the ENtellect Lite tab above (or go to the Products page) for a free demonstration of how the Greensleeves' Solutions can save you time and money on your geothermal design and installation.

Otherwise, please use the Contact Us information and a Greensleeves' representative will be happy to assist you with any questions.


Greensleeves won the First Place 2014 ASHRAE Global Technology Award for Educational Facilities.  This is the highest achievement award and recognizes outstanding performance in the design and operation of energy-efficient buildings.  This project was the Davis Street Building at The University of Findlay.  This 42,000 square foot facility saved ~$83,000 (56%) in energy in the first year.  The Greensleeves Solution also eliminated 800+ tons of carbon dioxide.  As important, due to the fact that this building housed a science laboratory, it required 100% fresh air.                                            



Below is an example of how the proposed Greensleeves Solution saved 39% on initial installation costs!

In addition to the Greensleeves' Solutions saving 39% in conceptual first cost over full sized GHX (Geothermal), Greensleeves' Solution saved 52% in energy costs annually compared to conventional HVAC! See the graphs on the MultiGEO page.

Greensleeves LLC is excited to announce our new strategic relationship with Multistack. The new MultiGEO™ Powered by Greensleeves control option can now be ordered and embedded at the factory. MultiGEO™ offers:

  • A more Intelligent Solution. Intelligent design and operation offers significantly lower first costs due to borefield size reduction and better energy performance.
  • A sophisticated and intelligent borefield design tool. This tool can be used to optimize borefield size on new projects or retrofitted for existing and problematic fields.

Contact your Multistack rep to see how MultiGEO™ Powered by Greensleeves could optimize your geothermal system today.